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Histogram of Acoustic Co-Occurrences (HAC)

hac.HACFeatureExtractor( filenames, ks, lags=[5,2], name="HACFeatureExtracter", **mfcc_params )

hac.HACFeatureExtractor is a module for acoustic feature extraction based on the histogram of acoustic co-occurrences (HAC). It extracts HAC features from wave-format files. See here for details about HAC.


Parameter Type Description
filenames array Paths to wave files
ks array Number of elements in each code book (triplet of int)
lags array List of lags to compute co-occurrence of acoustic events (the corresponding histograms are concatenated)
name string Module name
mfcc_params tuple Parameters for computing mfcc features (used librosa)
“n_mfcc”: 13
“n_fft”: 2048
“hop_length”: 512
“n_mels”: 128


# import necessary modules
import hac
import mlda

# make a list of paths to wav data
wavs = ["./data00.wav", "./data01.wav", "./data02.wav",
            "./data03.wav", "./data04.wav", "./data05.wav",
            "./data06.wav", "./data07.wav", "./data08.wav"]

# define the modules
obs = hac.HACFeatureExtractor( wavs, [10,10,10], lags=[5] )  # convert wav data into hac features
mlda1 = mlda.MLDA( 3, [100], category=[0,0,0,1,1,1,2,2,2] )  # classify into three classes

# construct the model
mlda1.connect( obs )  # connect obs to mlda1

mlda1.update()  # train mlda1