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Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

CNN.CNNFeatureExtractor( filenames, name="CNNFeatureExtracter" )

CNN.CNNFeatureExtractor is a module for feature extraction. It extracts image features using a CNN with caffemodel.


Parameter Type Description
filenames array Paths to image files
name string Name of module


# import necessary modules
import CNN
import mlda

# make a list of some paths to image data
data = ["./data00.png", "./data01.png", "./data02.png",
            "./data03.png", "./data04.png", "./data05.png",
            "./data06.png", "./data07.png", "./data08.png"]

# define the modules
obs = CNN.CNNFeatureExtractor( data )  # extract image features
mlda1 = mlda.MLDA( 3, [100], category=[0,0,0,1,1,1,2,2,2] )  # classify into three classes

# construct the model
mlda1.connect( obs )  # connect obs to mlda1

mlda1.update()  # train mlda1